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Who We Are?

Powency Circuit Private Limited started by Mr. Sunil Parmar, Dr. Prakash Arya and immediately joined by Mr. Naman Chaturvedi in 2016. The initial goal was to own semiconductor products for the small scale power related application with better efficiency. For the battery operated devices, the demand for power efficiency become significant for almost all applications like, mobile, servers, automobile, aviation, wearable etc. Powency followed fab-less semiconductor business model and in 2017 planed to setup fab for III-V compound semiconductor in Gujarat. For the technology and process, Powency tied up with Taiwan group, Golden In Enterprise Limited and hence Golden In Enterprise Ltd. is active partner for this project. At the same time, Powency is working for Autonom Inc, Canada for their converter IC design project.

Along with design, manufacturing, Powency is also involved in dealership and channel partner with few international semiconductor companies, among them Golden In Enterprise (Taiwan) and Pico Semiconductor (South Korea) are at top.

Last but not least, Powency is always thankful to Semiconductor Lab, Mohali, only semiconductor fab in India, for their generous guidance and support.